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Announcing the following exciting new opportunities at the Dalcroze School of the Rockies:

October 11, Fall Workshop with Greg Ristow

The Dalcroze Academy at Colorado State University

Dalcroze Education

Dalcroze Education is a unique, exciting, and powerful way of knowing music through the body. The Dalcroze approach explores musical concepts through social and interactive methods that invite students to trust their ideas and develop their own intuitions.

  • Eurhythmics courses nurture the imagination and unlock creativity through rhythmic movement and active listening. 
  • Solfège plays a key role in training the eyes and ears to instantly respond to musical notation. 
  • Improvisation engages the spirit of play to facilitate enlivened music making according to the student’s own invention:  in movement, with the voice, or at an instrument. 

Dalcroze study makes music vivid for everyone, from young beginners though adult professionals; experience the joy of Dalcroze Education for yourself! Click here for a printable version of this information.

Music can soar within you!This is what a beat looks like!Framed pictures of joy!Focused listening provides dynamic results.High concentration and score study bring the music alive!Plastique-Anime:  analysis of music personified.

We offer four different programs of study at the Dalcroze School of the Rockies:

  1. Eurhythmics (Ages 4-7)
  2. Rhythmic-Solfège (Ages 6-14)
  3. Adult Enrichment
  4. Professional Studies



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