Adult Enrichment Programs


At the Dalcroze School of the Rockies™, we offer classes for adults who are seeking enrichment through Eurhythmics™ study and those who are seeking professional development through the Professional Studies Program. The profound benefits of Dalcroze™ Education are diverse both for musicians and dancers. 

Our Adult Enrichment Program is for individuals who seek:

  • Joyful ways of knowing music through the body

  • Authentic Dalcroze™ Education for all: musicians, dancers, therapists, professionals and amateurs alike

  • A non-competitive environment with a focus on excellence

  • A low student/teacher ratio

  • A welcoming atmosphere for students of all skill levels

  • Specific, goal-oriented instruction with detailed lesson handouts, applications, and repertoire every week

These courses are designed to enrich and nurture the students who are in the classes, and the curriculum is focused on the students' wants and needs.  Students are encouraged to suggest class subjects they find stimulating.  Educators of all kinds will find specific ideas to try out in their classrooms, group classes, or private lessons.  Read what students are saying about the courses!

All Eurhythmics™ courses are held on Sundays, 4:00-5:30 PM, 1955 E. Arizona Ave. Denver 80210.  Room 211 (Washington Park UMC)

Eurhythmics™ - Spring

(8 meetings)

  • January 12, 26

  • February 9, 23

  • March 8, 22

  • April 19

  • May 17


$195 regular/$115 students

Eurhythmics™ - Fall

(7 meetings)

  • September 8, 22

  • October 6, 20

  • November 3, 17

  • December 8


$170 regular/$100 students


You are welcome to make-up any missed lass by attending one of the professional studies classes below during the intermittent Sundays. Prices for these courses are based on the total number of classes.  Individual drop-in participants are welcome at a cost of $30 per class (student drop-in rates are $20 per class). 


If you have any questions, please contact us