General Course Policies for Eurhythmics™ Classes


General Classroom Procedures

All Eurhythmics™ students should bring a 3-ring binder to class each week for handouts and music.  It is important to establish good musical habits early, so please be sure to help your child complete all fun sheets and bring them to class each week.  Encourage your child to teach you the songs learned in class; sing them in the car, on walks, at bedtime, whenever!  Making music a part of your daily routine will make instrumental lessons much easier later on.

If a child must withdraw from class after enrollment but before the end of the 3rd week of class, tuition will be prorated and money refunded.  After the 3rd week of classes, tuition is non-refundable, but can be credited towards the next semester.

Any concerns regarding registration, placement, or any other inquiries should be addressed to the director.  Click here to contact us. 

Make-up Lessons

If a child misses a class due to illness or other circumstance, he or she may attend a different class of the same level that same week.  If you wish to schedule a make-up lesson, please contact the instructor who is teaching the class directly.

Though tuition covers 28 weeks of courses, we schedule 30 weeks (or 14 classes in 15 weeks for courses beginning in January) in each academic year to allow for any cancellations due to instructor illness.  Unfortunately, we cannot make up any classes cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Age Requirements, Registration Guidelines, and Parental Involvement

Students should be 4 years of age at the beginning of classes.   At the discretion of the instructor, new Eurhythmics™ students have the opportunity to join the class the next semester when they are old enough.   Parents are generally not permitted in the room during class time because it tends to be too distracting for the children, there is often not enough space for parents to sit comfortably, and the children need the space to move.  Since first time Dalcroze™ students might need some adjustment to being without their parent, please talk with your instructor if you feel you may need to sit in on the first few class meetings.  At the end of every semester, there will be an open class "Sharing", where parents and family are invited to see the work the children have done throughout the term.  These "Sharings" arefun, interactive, and really demonstrate the power of the Dalcroze™ work