General Course Policies for Rhythmic-Solfège™ and Advanced Dalcroze™ Courses

All Rhythmic-Solfège™ students are required to purchase an inexpensive metallophone (about $35, due at the first class).  This instrument will be provided on the first day of classes and will be used throughout the Rhythmic-Solfège™ sequence.  Students must bring this instrument to each class along with a 3-ring binder with their completed homework assignments.  Parents must practice with their child a minimum of 10 minutes, 5 days each week to ensure that their child is progressing and maximizing his or her potential. 

General Classroom Procedures

If a child must withdraw from class after enrollment but before the end of the 3rd week of class, tuition will be prorated and money refunded.  After the 3rd week of classes, tuition is non-refundable, but can be credited towards the next semester.

Any concerns regarding registration, placement, or any other inquiries should be addressed to the director.  Click here to contact us. 

Make-up Lessons

If a child misses a class due to illness or other circumstance, he or she may attend a different class of the same level that same week.  If you wish to schedule a make-up lesson, please contact the instructor who is teaching the class directly.

Though tuition covers 28 weeks of courses, we schedule 30 weeks in each academic year to allow for any cancellations due to instructor illness.  Unfortunately, we cannot make up any classes cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Age Requirements, Registration Guidelines, and Parental Involvement

For Rhythmic-Solfège™ students, the ages are approximations. This is a both an experiential and a skill-based program, so students must be placed according to age and ability.  Any students who have not had Eurhythmics™ experience must discuss class-placement with the director to guarantee their child is in the appropriate class; this will aid in establishing a solid, deep, and joyous musical education.  It is expected that all Rhythmic-Solfège™ students in levels II and above take applied instrumental lessons or take dance lessons; this ensures that they can make practical applications to their specific instrument or dance courses.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit in on the last few minutes of each class so they can know more about their child's work and can help them practice at home.  Please feel free to ask the instructor if you have any questions regarding homework or practice suggestions.

Exit Evaluations

At the end of each academic year, those students enrolled in the Rhythmic-Solfège™ sequence will have the opportunity to take exams to pass into the next level of study.  Based on the recommendation of the instructor as well as input from the parents, a student may take the graduation exams.  No child will be permitted to take an exam if he or she is not ready, as this could be detrimental to the child's development.  These courses are designed to allow as much time as necessary before graduating into the next level of study; this ensures that every child's musical education is challenging and nurturing at the same time. Students completing all levels of examination will receive a Rhythmic-Solfège™ Diploma from the Dalcroze School of the Rockies™, and will be ready for any freshman-level conservatory/university program.