Katie Couch

Dalcroze™ License and MM

Colorado native Katie Couch grew up playing the piano. After receiving a bachelor's degree in piano performance from the University of Colorado-Boulder, Katie moved to Shanghai, China, where she lived for three years teaching English and piano. 

In 2010, Katie returned to CU-Boulder to study music education at the graduate level, and soon earned a Master's degree and a Colorado public school teaching license. Around the same time, Katie began professional studies in Dalcroze™ Eurhythmics™, a unique and specialized form of music education, which uses the entire body in rhythmic movement to teach solfège, music theory, and musicianship. 

In the summer of 2015, Katie earned the credential of Dalcroze™ License, and is now working along the Front Range as a Dalcroze™ teacher, a private piano teacher, and a freelance pianist. In 2015, she was named the Assistant Director of the Dalcroze™ School of the Rockies. In addition to teaching at home and around the country, Katie serves as President of the Dalcroze™ Society of America’s Rocky Mountain chapter.

Katie greatly appreciates her former and current teachers, including Elizabeth Zawadowski-McCanne, Alejandro Cremaschi, Jeremy Dittus, and Mary Dobrea-Grindahl. In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading, playing the piano, being outdoors, and listening to music.