I view Dalcroze™ education as an invaluable companion to my violin studio.  Not only have my students improved their intonation and sight reading, but they have grown by leaps and bounds in their rhythmic precision and expressiveness.

- A Denver Violin Professor

Our daughter just loved every minute of these classes and I'm still quite in awe over it!

- A Dalcroze™ Eurhythmics™ Parent

Thanks so much for an absolutely AMAZING week of Dalcroze!!!  It was so much fun and I look forward to next year.

- An 11 year-old Dalcroze™ Student

I would like to thank you for a wonderful class; [it] was very fun and beneficial.  I now totally understand how using Dalcroze™ can teach you to stay together and feel the rhythm and beat!

- A 13 year-old Dalcroze™ Student

Dr. Dittus' lessons are marvelous and challenging.  

- A Dalcroze™ Colleague

It was my joy to attend your classes; I just wanted to thank you personally for expanding my borders and bringing back a love for movement and music.  To say your enthusiasm is contagious is an understatement!  Thank you again for your time and talent and for being gentle with some of us who are new to the entire concept.

- From an Early Childhood Music Teacher

I just want you to know that you stole my soul with your smooth, but enthusiastic and energetic class on three against four!

- From a Fellow Dalcroze™ Instructor